College has the following laboratories, demonstration room and project room :                                                                        

                                                                    1.   Microbiology lab
                                                                    2.   Foundations of Nursing Lab
                                                                    3.   Nutrition Lab

                                                                    4.   Medical and Surgical nursing Lab

                                                                    5.   Community Health Nursing Lab 

                                                                    6.   Obstetrics and Gynecology Lab

                                                                    7.   Child Health Nursing Lab

                                                                    8.   Psychiatric Lab

                                                                    9.   A.V.Aids Lab                                                                

                                                                   10.  Computer Lab


                   Anatomy and Physiology Lab                                                    Microbiology                                                                Nutrition Lab


                     Fundamentals of Nursing                                           Community Health Nursing Lab                                 Medical – Surgical Nursing Lab


                            Biochemistry                                                          Obstetric and Paediatric Lab                                                 Computer Lab

Ninth State Level Conference - 2024
Admission Open 2023-24
Light Fest - 2023